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twentyWith the financial concerns of the 21st century increasing by the minute, the hazards of getting loans have become all the more problematic. Unlike previous times, getting a loan has become quite a difficult issue. It is not just the paying back of the loan amount, but also the time period that is to be kept in between this period that makes getting a loan so difficult.

To provide a minimum sense of relief, it is best, that before taking a loan, a person compares the various loans that are available in the market. Once that comparison is done, a person can easily choose the best option for himself or herself and proceed in that manner.

Keeping these concerns in mind, it is best if people checked into Longridge Loans for the best available deals. With us, you can be sure to get the best deals even if the credit history is not something worthy of taking a proper loan.

What are we specialised in:

Since, it is best that a person checks the various types of available loans that are there in the market, so we present our speciality in this regard.

Longridge Loans is specially known for its Guarantor Loans that are made available to the people by means of our company.

Speaking in general terms, a Guarantor Loan is one where a person can borrow a certain amount of money for a maximum range of 5 years, with a person standing as a guarantor in place of a collateral.

The person who is standing as a guarantor happens to be someone who is closely related to the family and hence, can easily adhere to the fact that the person who is actually taking the loan is a good person at heart and will pay back the loan on time.

General range of this loan:

Speaking in general terms, this loan has a money range from £1,000 up to £7,500 that has to be paid back, within the time frame of 12 to 60 months. In this case, the credit score being poor, the rate of interest that is charged is quite high, and currently fixed at 41%.

Hence the person concerned should properly check certain aspects that make Longridge Loans so special in case of any borrowing transaction. With us, the availability of options are wider, thereby making us the perfect choice in all regards of application for such a loan.

Aspects to be kept in mind regarding us:

  • Interest rates:

Since Guarantor loans are those that have a high rate of interest, one should definitely consider us regarding the rates concerned. With us, you can be sure to get the minimum rates and maximum time period for paying back the monetary amount.

  • Market credibility:

We have been in the market for quite a number of years, and garnered a certain amount of respect for our work. Hence, you can be sure that Guarantor Lender Guarantor Loans with us are the most credible loans that are available for your benefit.

  • Terms and Conditions:

This is also very important since the borrower should be well aware of the term of repayment period, he rates of the loan and other features.

We, at Longridge Loans make it a point to present the best of opportunities to the customers 24 X 7, so that they can benefit the most from us.