Other Loans

Know all about the various other loans provided by us at Longridge Loans!

loan-typesIn the age of specialisation, the whole idea of a general fit does not suit the requirements of the people. Each of the borrower has their own set of requirements and demands, and people have to accommodate the loans in that manner.

What is also important to notice is that people with a bad credit history require different types of loans, compared to those with a good one. Hence, it is essential that options be ready in all forms to suit the requirements of the people as per their demands.

We, at Longridge Loans make it a point to cater to all the demands of our customers and act according to their choice. So we have a list of secured and unsecured loans that could be applied to people as per their wish and choice, making sure that the financial constraints of people are answered to the maximum levels.

Major categories of loans:

Secured Loans are those, wherein a property or an asset is kept as a mortgage, or a collateral against the monetary amount that is borrowed.

Unsecured Loans are those where such things are not possible, rather in place of collateral various packages are available in the financial market to choose as per one’s requirement.

Longridge Loans are specialised in all respects, providing loans to one and all against various conditions.

Personal loans:

There are various types that come under this category.

  • Payday loans: The amount borrowed has to be returned on the same day.
  • Car loans: Against the borrowing, the car has to be kept as a collateral for a fixed period.
  • Mortgage loans: Any asset or property of the person has to be kept as mortgage during the period of loan repayment.
  • Instalment loans: The loan amount has to be paid in equal instalments within a fixed time period.

In all these cases the range of money remains within 1000 pounds to 10000 pounds with a maximum extended time period of 10 years, at interest rate fluctuating between 35% to 50%.

Subsidized loans:

This is especially for students who are pursuing a regular course of study. During the period of study they can take a loan with only security charges as payment. Apart from it, the amount borrowed has to be paid back after the study period is over. This is especially suitable for students who do not come from strong financial backgrounds.

Concessional loans:

This is specially suitable for people who do not have the capacity to pay for loans with high rates of interest. The rates are lowered to suit their demands and also the time period is extended. This is generally termed as concessional loans.

12 month loan:

This is a short term loan, where the time period of repayment can be extended beyond 12 months to a maximum of 5 years. There is a flexibility in terms of payment and there is no need for any type of security against this loan.

How can Longridge Loans be helpful?

  • Our primary aim is to serve the customers in times of need. They should never feel left out.
  • We are extremely customer friendly hence the technical issues can be handled and changed as per requirement.

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